Coming to our Senses

For our basic survival we are provided little, merely our wits and senses. Our wits and senses are shaped entirely by our centric view of self and the need for survival along with the environment which we exist in, mainly the language that shaped the environment. The tool that shifted our sense perceptions was the introduction of the phonetic alphabet (Your ABC's), in roughly 500 B.C. The environment for our survival today, rather than the grass lands of our ancestors is of a digital nature and landscape which is far much complex due to the mere speed at which patterns of information reach our senses.

The emergence of the digital landscape has shifted our sense perceptions drastically, in a general sense it is going from a visual landscape to an acoustic one. This requires new sensory adjustments that many are incapable of making, resulting in confusion and a conquest for the illusion of identity which the phonetic alphabet manifested. While our immediate experience in this new environment is acoustic, meaning whole, disconnected and spontaneous, we are using a visual bias, which creates a great deal of cognitive dissonance.

Physiologically, it is the play of both the left and right hemisphere of the brain. On the left we have the logical, rational, connected, linear, private and individualistic faculty. On the right we encounter the faculty of intuition, community, disconnected and simultaneous (The Artist). Many children encounter this today, using a highly participatory medium such as the television and then attending school which is completely left hemisphere, evaluative, analytical, non participatory, homogeneous. This dynamic of visual to acoustic without understanding, creates innumerable psychological blockages and tension.

In order to traverse the landscape we need to get back to our bodies as the primary director of our survival. Not simply having knowledge of our sense perceptions and how certain mediums play with figure and ground, but a true understanding that can be implemented.

Take a hear and look around, what patterns do you recognize? If we can see the patterns and congruency that life manifests from, we will be in a better and more relaxed position from moment to moment, because the "future" is much more predicable than we ever believed. When this composed state of mind is achieved, we function in a much more smooth manner rather than emotionally reactive to a seemingly infinite wave of unforeseen trouble. 

Wes Pinkston Life Coach

The Dance between Patience and Mindful Business

In today's business culture, common words that are thrown around are "Grinding," "Hustle," "Workaholic," "Do, Do, Do," "More! More! More!." The business culture I was deeply embedded in and the values it upheld and what I directly came in contact with based on my own immediate feelings, always seemed out of harmony. We are quickly handed the industry rhetoric as to how things are, the proverbial "blueprint for success." Follow this concept, this model, and you will achieve the reward. We quickly hit the ground running because we have the consistent set of waves coming in known as bills, debt, and so on. There is no time for patience, for reflection, I need to go DO something or the industry will leave me in the dust, I will lose to the competition, I won't be able to pay my bills or maintain MY lifestyle.

Take a deep breath... the momentum and tension builds and builds until it works against us completely.

In the same way we are handed a concept of "how it is" in business, the same goes for life. What I failed to realize, and many others, is the mere fact that it is simply THEIR concept as to how life or the industry is, just one concept of seemingly infinite. Once we believe what we are told as to "how it is" then we use such a small portion of our unique faculty and creativity because there is a small space of wiggle room within the confining walls of "their concept and models for what THEY believe success is" and how to achieve it. Learn what you'd like from mentors, teachers etc and then forget it all, throw it away, the information and technologies available now didn't exists back then when they developed their models and concepts, and most importantly it was contoured to fit their unique faculty, not yours.

Manifest your own concepts and models that work within the harmony of YOU and the unique faculty you have at your disposal.

Before you begin in an industry, it is highly beneficial to first look at it from a birds eye view as a "Game." By game I mean it adheres to rules, roles, and boundaries. Regardless of industry, everything operates within a system of order, some more complicated than others. The one that truly understands this, does not view business as competitive, rather they view it as collaborative. The Male Dominator Complex influenced by greed and fear that many in the business world are working off of is not worth any amount of material gain compared to what it costs you in the end.

The Rules and Boundaries of the game you are entering into are rather simple concepts, your Role in the game is what I'd like to dive deeper into...

Until you clearly figure out what your role is, your strengths and what you enjoy, how this "work" fits within your ideal day, which hopefully you have drawn out, you'll just inherit someone else's concept or model for success, that was completely molded to fit their strengths and their lifestyle. You'll quickly find yourself in situations, like I did, where you are "forcing" or "grinding" yourself to work in ways that are out of touch of your natural rhythm rather than shaping your work day around your strengths and special faculty we all have. 

Speaking from my own experience, I never reflected and figured out what I was truly good at, what I enjoyed, in other words I didn't feel I really had a purpose, I just floated from job to job as a means to cover my monthly expenses and what would make me the most money. True financial freedom is not achieved by thinking about achieving financial freedom. There is a reason you are here, a purpose, you are not an accident, you are present because you need to be. You have a skill set that nobody has ever had in the history of man, what are your skills? Does the job you currently have use these skills? What does your dream day look like? How does your job or business fit within that perfect day?

Rather than speaking about being uphappy, disliking aspects of ourselves or phenomena like our job/relationships etc., write down what your perfect day looks like and what you do like. This is the first step in making it a reality, begin to visualize it and speak about it intelligently.

If one takes a step back and clearly views the process of nature, which we are an integral part of, it is quite clear that our immediate experience is becoming more and more complex, otherwise known as novelty. Nature produces higher systems of order and complexification to produce even higher states of order and complexification. Since this is the case, where our time and energy is spent is critical to a healthy experience. With complexity taking place faster and faster, we need to be highly fluid, adaptable and organized. We can't get stuck within models and concepts that were formulated based on conditions that were far different from the present. As we can take a step out of the infinite games we partake in daily, our business, our relationships, all phenomena, and reflect, we can navigate through the ever changing complexifying landscape with greater ease. One of the most productive activities is non activity, let the dust settle where we have been stopping around in all week to see our path more clearly and gracefully. 

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Ego Yoga

For many reading this, including myself, the most practiced yoga in the West is Ego Yoga. If I may take a partisan stance on all yogas, from my experience it is by far the most difficult. Before I begin let's define yoga, it simply means "Union." The list of Yoga's are infinite so there is no need to list them. Yoga is much more vast than handstands and body contortion, although that is the most highly publicized.

You and I, we chose Ego yoga, no one hypnotized, tricked or forced us to go down this path, we did it, it was our own karma. Karma is highly misused, it simply means "action."

What is the Ego?

Ego is simply Your Character Structure, who you THINK you are. Your likes, your dislikes, your story, your past, your friends, your family, your job, your strengths, your weaknesses, your misfortunes, and the list is infinite. Almost everyone here in the West only views this world that they feel they came into, without their approval, as this detached limited character with little to no support.

I, a stranger and afraid
In a world I never made.

This character, (Insert Your Name Here), is merely a thought. Think about that statement this week, the image of yourself, as to who you think you are is merely a thought, albeit a constant thought you decide to keep in your head nearly every moment. Imagine this character, your name and life story, as a suit in your closet. Each night when we fall into the dream state while sleeping we forget all about this character we have made ourselves to be, and when we rise we walk to our closet and put on this suit of my likes, my fears, my righteousness, my problems every single morning. We have cut ourselves off from the world we were born out of, that we belong to, we did not come into it. That is why we have some of the most difficult feelings and emotions available as we progress along this path of Ego Yoga, we have completely removed ourselves and have lost touch with our support, our home, where we belong, we are fighting and competing against ourselves every single day and the fight gets very tiring, our arms, our entire body and our mind become weary and almost depleted. 

During Ego Yoga we progressively cut ourselves off from the seemingly "outside world" and we begin to feel alienated. We can not escape this alienated present moment, the eternal present where we never feel we belong, I can't catch a break, everyone is against me, I work too hard to be in this position, the infinite self-righteous internal chatter. This disconnected "now" that you find yourself in, is the true birth place for responsibility. Oddly enough this shows you are making progress, although I had moments along my path where all enthusiasm for life had almost run completely dry.

I've felt and experienced the humbling path of ego yoga, I see my own immediate family along their paths of ego yoga, I see my friends and many of my clients, this is the most highly practiced path here in the West and it all leads to the same place, union with everything, that you are deeply part of, whether you want to be or not ;) Be patient and conscious, observe, let life live through you rather than always trying to go out and live life, as you become more sensitive you will realize you are fully supported and you are growing each and every moment. Life, your immediate experience, is energy. Energy is vibration, in another term, contrast. Everything is wiggling, sometimes the wiggle doesn't feel as you'd like it to, but that feeling comes from the egoic self-righteous stance of how you feel life should cater and suit your character's needs. Life can't be controlled, but our Ego Yoga path will teach us that directly. You are in class, and we should find grace in the curriculum.

If you have any questions or would like to work with me, feel free to email me at, I hope you all have a wonderful week.

The Art of Direct Experience

As I've allowed my curiosity to lead me in directions and to ideas I never knew existed, I've been trying to gather my thoughts on how I can put the information I've gathered in a simple and somewhat rational sequence that some may benefit from and can put to use in their daily experience. Nothing is more important than YOUR own experience, your life, what is taking place in the here and now. Many of us trip over memories from our past or invite the uncertain future, and it is safe to say many of us have gone a very long time without an immediate experience of any kind.

Before I begin on the first of many installments I plan to post, I'd like us to attempt to unlearn and train ourselves in a new way regarding the method in which we gather information and form concepts. We are either being conditioned to think a certain way based on someone else's vastly different experience OR we are fully conscious and creating our own way of thinking and deciphering the information we are receiving without anyone telling us "This Is How It Is." From a very young age, as we become more and more conscious (aware) we are playing many roles. The most consistent of these roles is "The Child of Parents X and Y." We come into consciousness with an enthusiasm for life that is natural to our being and truly in rhythm with who we are. As the years go on we begin to take information on authority not just from our parents but also teachers, friends, industry professionals and the media. Like any concept or method, unless you are aware of it you can't see it, like a fish in water has no concept of being in water, it just is the way it is. One quickly begins to realize that they are turning into their parents, the conditioning/parenting/learning that takes place is never done voluntary, we are punished if we don't "see" it our parents way. The parent thinks they know best so they say this is the way it is, since they don't know better and can only teach what they were taught, what they are really saying is this is my belief system that I think is true and if you act in accordance with what I believe I will grade you as "Good" or "Bad." We quickly begin acting, analyzing, evaluating not with what we directly experience but through the lens of our belief system that is conditioned into us.

It is difficult to reduce such a vast topic of immediate experience into a short introductory post but my future posts will be under specific categories. For them to be truly absorbed and understood they all have their rightful place in the greater whole. If I can leave you with a "tip" going forward to bring into your daily experience that has greatly helped myself, it'd be to take on the childlike enthusiasm/curiosity we were born with and question everything, ask yourself the question "How do I feel?" As you begin to question and you become more aware, what you begin to seek starts seeking you in an act of dual happening, and you become fully empowered at each moment.

Managing Your Energy

We exist within a digital realm. Everything we do, the pace and the rhythms become more and more expedited each week. Our weeks are relentless and full of rapid fire events, one after the other in a linear sequence. Our culture celebrates breadth rather than depth, whether it's with co-workers, friends, family or ourselves. Quick reaction and pace seems to be valued more than careful reflection. Very few us of take the time to pause and consider who we want to be or where we want to go, we believe that if we just keep working hard it will pay off. The reality is hard work without direction and purpose will not pay off, no matter how busy you are or how your mind tries to justify productivity.

At all moments of the day we are expanding and contracting our energy, with little time given to restoration. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually we are under nourished but we believe that we can perform at a high level day in and day out based on the expectations of others and ourselves. If it hasn't happened yet, this will lead to a burn out, the wheels will eventually fall off. The goal is to be conscious enough to make a change before this burn out.

We are all trying to do the best we can, given the demands of today's culture. A problem manifests itself when the external demands of our home and work life far exceed our capabilities and energy levels, especially with the lack of proper daily maintenance of our body and mind. We rarely get a great night sleep, use coffee to get us up and alcohol at night to unwind. All of the actions and decisions we make daily have consequences, some more visible and felt than others, but existing and building nonetheless. We are not in a position to shape the environment to us, our goals, our dreams our values, rather we shape and mold ourselves to fit the environment with a mind that is experiencing atrophy. 

My coaching touches with the 4 main aspects of our existence, the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. If you have a free 45-minutes I invite you to jump on a call with me so we can take an inventory of your current situation and see if we can make a great team to begin to manifest the life you know you ought to be experiencing. 

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The Art of Language


“The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.”

- Terence Mckenna

There is nothing more vital to one's life, one's experience, than the understanding of language. We see in words, hear in words, think in words, feel in words, EVERYTHING is language. Nothing can be achieved or manifested without words, without the ability to speak about our feelings/ideas/sensations/ intelligently. All day we swim in words, like a fish in water, many of us, like myself didn't truly realize the significance they had on my immediate experience with reality, until I was imprisoned by them. I imprisoned myself within words, but the beauty of the story is I've liberated myself with words. Until we become conscious of language and the machinery that it is, we can not use it as the transformational tool that it is, it is humanity's most prized achievement.

Like any tool, it solely depends on the user, the conscious being that "picks it up." Whether it is a pen or a paintbrush, some manifest masterpieces while others manifest more simple forms of expression. Before we use the tool that is language, it makes sense to be aware of it's power and potential, as well as consequences if used in a manner harmful to oneself or others. Any tool that has tremendous potentiality for actualizing ideas, must be used consciously.

From a very young age, we are thrown into a sea of words, swimming and treading words to stay afloat, language makes for an incredible tool, our greatest tool with nothing even close to it, but language makes for a terrible master. Don't be so TRUSTING of words, at all moments in the day, watching tv, talking to friends, listening to family members, reading articles, we are being conditioned. Until we cultivate a conscious bubble within ourselves we can rest in, that understands the machinery of language and how incredibly general it's assumptions are, we will always be told how it is, what to do, etc., the rhetoric of life. There is a world beyond words, and many of us paint over reality with a mosaic of words. Words, like any tool, can be over used, we need to know when to use words and when not too. Words remove the meaning and feelings from reality.

If I were to ask you to describe love... Listen to your words... See how poorly you are describing love. Reality is almost impossible to talk about, the feelings and emotions we feel at every given moment. You KNOW what love it, but when asked to describe it with words you find they just don't suffice. When you read and listen, when you are being conditioned by anyone, see PAST the words, and draw your own conclusions based on how you feel about the matter.

Stop tiling over reality with words, words most often than not ruin the moment, ruin the feeling, ruin the experience.

Avoid complexification with Life Coach Wes Pinkston

Wes Pinkston is an Entrepreneur and Transformational Business/Life Coach. At the age of 29, a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. He is now devoted to understanding, integrating, and deepening that transformation, which has marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Weaving together both Western and Eastern influences, he is able to guide his client’s through their journey in all phases of life.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

*Wes’ background
*Why effective communication is so important not only with others but with yourself
*Having a clear vision of your ideal day & the role you play in it
*How adapting your awareness to your experience can change your life
*Why changing your viewpoint from competitive to collaborative can help you be successful
*Why you need to take accountability for both the good and the bad
*How making simple tweaks can drastically change things
*Why you need to be expressing, not suppressing
*Why you should just “be” when you are at home
*The importance of bringing back your childlike enthusiasm