Delaying gratification in today's world seems like a herculean task. At several points throughout the day you are faced with micro decisions of impulsivity or discipline. One of the first questions to ask yourself is Why should I consider delaying gratification?

This is a great question, and it deserves some serious attention since your future is riding on it.

Well it's quite simple on the surface, If you want to make things better in the future you make sacrifices today. You already know this, for instance if you want to become healthier it would be wise to choose a fruit or vegetable for lunch rather than fast food junk. The healthier food choice is for your future self that does not exist now, but will come into manifestation if the proper sacrifice is made consistently.   

Since we became self conscious we made a startling discovery... the FUTURE. The future is an incredible place filled with infinite possibilities of what you could become. Like any phenomena, there is always another side, the discovery of the future also holds the realization of your boundaries, limits and inescapable mortality. 

One question is... Are you willing to sacrifice your current self for your future self? Assuming you have set your ideals up properly and are aiming at a higher state than you currently reside, the answer is YES, yes you are willing, for that is the only way to make our difficult existence worthwhile. But here is one of the main reasons why you won't make the sacrifice, you don't have the ability to visualize a future ideal enough to get you to act and move toward it. You would rather take an actual and immediate treat at this very moment than two or more imaginary treats in the future.

Is sacrifice easy? No, it's one of the hardest things to do, which is why so few do it. Few are able to imagine a better future, put the steps together and actualize them day to day choice by choice, always making the choice for the future self rather than the immediate gratification of the current self today.

This is where discipline comes in, in fact discipline is wanting to do something now, but instead you forestall the immediate gratification and instead focus your resources on something you feel will bear fruit in the medium to long range future. Discipline is the ability to make consistent sacrifices day in and day out. By making today a little less impulsive you increase the likelihood of making tomorrow more secure and productive. This can be a choice you make for yourself or for your children. To use an example from my adolescence, most middle school kids have a difficult time forecasting and making a plan for the future. Instead, children are mainly focused on immediate gratification and led by impulsivity. My parents made a sacrifice for me and my future, they decided to remove me from a school district that was in the decline and send me to a private school that would set me up for a brighter future. To this day I thank them and I'm incredibly grateful, but I remember at the time I did not have the ability to see the future potential of what the change offered, instead I was focused on my current friends and the removal of the structure I had set up.

Sacrifice for the sake of sacrificing won't stick, it needs to be aimed at a goal or an ideal. This is where the imagination and inner vision is extremely important, WHAT IS IT YOU WANT EXACTLY? To begin with it needs to be obtainable. Not too easy where little to no effort is needed but also not to extreme where the chance of failure is too high. Look at your daily routine, how much television you watch, what you eat and drink throughout the day consistently, where should you start? You are aware of 5, 10, 15, 20 things that you are doing each day that you shouldn't be. Pick one, the sacrifice will pay off, whether it's financial, nutritional, relationship based.

If you have any questions or would like to work one-on-one feel free to email me at, have a wonderful week everyone.


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"Wes is very knowledgeable, and gives off an energy that is contagious. It makes me stay in the moment and really reflect on myself." 

-Bryan Dusseau

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"Working with Wes has been such an incredible experience. His listening and linguistic skills provided a relaxed and transparent environment to aid me in my endeavors. It's clear to see he is comfortable himself which allows me to be my authentic self in return."

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Wes Pinkston far exceeded my expectations for a business coach. With his extensive knowledge of social media, digital marketing, sales psychology and communication, He was able to pin point exactly where I was in my life both professionally and personally and helped me use the tools and resources already at my disposal to reach even higher levels of success.

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I have been friends with Wes for a couple years on Social Media. I knew we had similarities but didn't know how much he could improve my business and personal mindsets. When I decided to sign up for coaching with Wes, he was able jump into my shoes and connect unlike I have experienced with any other coach I have employed. He truly cares to help and will pull the best out of you to achieve your desired results. I look forward to a long relationship with him.

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Working with Wes Pinkston has been a life changing experience both personally and professionally. He has helped me to fully manifest the marketing and business ideas within my mind. His clear communication and listening has enabled me to transcend my self created limitations and helped me to approach sales with my highest potential. His ability to zoom in to specific aspects of my system and bring clarity while also maintaining a zoomed out macro level perspective has been priceless. From the discovery process to the practical execution of my ideas Wes has been with me every step of the process with a truly knowledgeable and empathetic presence.

Victoria Watson


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Working with Wes Pinkston has been a wonderful experience. From the moment I met with him to discuss where I was in my life and where I wanted to be, I knew something about him was exceptionally different. From our first session together over Skype my awareness began to expand and certain aspects of myself and others became more clear. Wes recognized resources within me that I was unaware of myself, and for that I'm truly grateful. It has been an incredible journey working with him and I'm very excited to see the actualized results.

Steven Kilgore

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Working with Wes Pinkston was an incredible experience, he effortlessly distilled the vision I had for my coaching practice and made it a reality online. He was with me step-by-step with crystal clear communication and leadership. If you are looking to bring your business online seamlessly while maintaining the unique value you offer, look no further than Wes.

Robert Grasso

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I first met Wes about 8 months into opening up my Life Coaching business. At that time, I was very new to social media marketing, or business development in general. After just one meeting with Wes I was able to utilize techniques he had taught me to build my social media reputation which led to several consultations very quickly. Not only is Wes a great Business Coach, he is an amazing Life Coach. I leave every meeting with Wes with a paradigm shift having a whole new perspective on life.  Wes has a way of understanding and relating to my ever-expanding consciousness and spiritual journeys which makes me feel validated, understood, and always inspired! With his passion for life and unique interests, Wes is definitely one of a kind =)

San Diego Life Coach

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“Growing up with Wes, it was apparent from a young age he was destined for greatness. He has always been a leader in every sense of the word, especially regarding his passion and dedication for actualizing the potential of those around him. His message focused around empowering people and sharing the path to greatness across the globe is truly inspiring.”

- Candice Wiggins

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WNBA Sixth Woman of the Year (2008)

Mastering Your Day

It’s another Monday morning… Exciting huh? How did you spend your weekend? What choices did you make? Are you an individual that enjoys the weekends but merely survives the week days?

A model that may be of use to you is simply viewing your life in single day chunks. Today you will be presented with several opportunities and choices, whether you are conscious of them or not. The choices you make will increase the chances that the same choice will be made tomorrow. If that same choice is made tomorrow then we most likely have a habit that is forming and burying into our daily program like a parasite. SO be veryyyyy careful and conscious about what you are doing, EVERY SECOND of EVERY Day for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE…

Some of my client’s in the beginning mention that being aware of every thought throughout the day is hard work, my response… ABSOLUTELY.

Some of the choices you will be presented with today are your food choices, your reactions in relation to external stimulation, what you do with your free time, the activities you indulge in before bed, the amount of water you drink, coffee you consume, the way you lift up or knock down the one’s around you based on your words and many others…

Do you go to work the same direction every day? Say the same thing to your spouse, eat the same breakfast, listen to the same music on the way to the office, enter the office the same way and say hi to the same people with the same statement. Is the only thing different about this day your outfit, making a selection of a few color combinations that are beginning to be a nuisance. Are you sitting at your desk at this moment thinking there has to be more… you don’t know how you know there is more but you KNOW, but have no idea how to get THERE.

Well you are right, there is more, more than you could even wrap your mind around, but do you have the courage and commitment to see if through. Do you think it’d be easy work to transform your life? This path will take ALL OF YOU at ALL TIMES. This has nothing to do with reading a self-help book for 10-minutes a week and occasionally ordering a salad in between the beers you are consuming.

I’m unable to go into all the details in one post, without the context of your personal situation I can only speak vaguely and leave it up to you to fill in the details.

I’d like to give you an assignment… I’d like you to write down on a word doc or on a piece of paper what you want out of this incredible opportunity and life you’ve been handed, do it now, write down exactly what you want.

Feel free to send it to me if you’d like, send it here:

Most of you won’t do that assignment but oh well, next thing I’d like you to do is to write down all your choices you make today. Consider this self-observation, rather than sleep walking through your day be aware of what you are doing and the choices you are making. Breaking the attachment with the act of doing and observing the do’er and the doing from an awareness outside both. Since most of us are highly habitual you will notice how difficult doing anything novel and different is. To do something new, to break a habitual daily pattern is your will, and unless it is used often like a muscle it will atrophy and be useless over time.

By using your power of observation and will you can master your day. This is all you need to do, master your 24 hours, every decision, ever thought, every action. If you can master your day, and do this day-in and day-out consistently your life will begin to change. You can never go back though to the lazy days though, the soft routine days of sleep walking. If you are to begin, this needs to maintained forever, full focus and concentration. This is why 987 out of 1,000 won’t continue down this path. It’s not a secret path, it’s not occult or esoteric, it’s right here in front of you, in plain day-light. This is the answer to the scratch within you that you can never seem to itch.

More Money? Nope, that won’t scratch it. A Beautiful Girlfriend/Boyfriend? Nope, that won’t scratch it. A New Car? House? Traveling? A Book? Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope.

It’s YOU. Stop delaying your work.

For any change to occur you need to stay with it forever, there is no stopping, there is no destination. Increasing your intelligence is never complete, maintaining your body is never complete, you need to do it every day, FOREVER.


Being 100% responsible for every choice and action you take for the rest of your life. It makes no difference which mind liberation and self transformation school you check in to from the oriental to the occidental, the secret is hard word every day and every second.

Most of us are pulled around by our socially created expectations and animalistic desires all day. We choose food based on pleasure rather than consuming nutritious food because our stomach let’s us know it’s time. We are on our phones aimlessly consuming content without any courage to create our own. We are controlled by our sexual desires and have no idea on how to cool that part of us off. We have surface level conversations and complain about this and that, a fully disempowered day and existence.

Did you think you needed a Teacher? A Guru?

Nope! That’s just another excuse we create so that we don’t have to make a move, so we can stay in the soft and comfortable boring zone. Listen to the way you speak to yourself, is it empowered direction or disempowered retreat talk. Listen! You are in the position you are in because of you, no one else, and it’s up to you to get yourself out. Do not focus on the external environment, that’s utterly pointless. It’s an inner battle you have been putting off, it’s ALL in YOUR MIND.

YOU Are The Guru AND The Student

You have far more power than you realized, we just don’t put it to use. Your power is in your reaction to each situation, your breathing at every moment, the expectations you hold yourself to that YOU created rather than blindly excepted based on your upbringing and culture, your understanding of language, of balancing the masculine and the feminine qualities about you, in every conscious food and water choice, in becoming ALL YOU ARE CAPABLE OF.

You have had the power all along, you just never realized it… your external environment is directing your life rather than you setting your own course.

Are you going to start charting your own course today?

If you’d like to get started working with me One-on-One click here to schedule a free Life-Coaching Consultation. If you are in the San Diego area, mainly EncinitasCarlsbadDel MarLa Jolla and Solana Beach we can meet in person. For those of you out of state I provide Life Coaching over the phone and via skype. My plans are flexible and more information will be provided during our free consultation.

Have a wonderful week everyone, keep sending me your success stories, I love hearing them.



How to build a Business on Instagram: Advice from Business Coach and Social Media Guru Wes Pinkston

Take a look around, it’s quite apparent that most people are in zombie mode looking at their phones. Rather than wishing this was not the case and people would connect with you more will not change this phenomenon. As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner it’s vital to recognize trends and consumer behavior so you can place your product or service directly where your ideal customer is focusing their attention.

One channel that is getting a majority of the attention is INSTAGRAM.



In this blog post I will break down step by step the actions I have taken to acquire over Hundreds of Thousands of followers for several accounts in various industries.

**QUICK TIP, never take social media advice from ANYONE who can not show you the results with their own accounts** 

Accounts I have built:

@TheBrokeAgent (90,000+ Followers) Co-Built

@PizzaPlusPositivity (23,000+ Followers)

@TheWesPinkston (17,900+ Followers)

@CosmicAwareness (8,200+ Followers)

NOW, Let’s begin!

The First Question you have to ask yourself is why should anyone follow you?

So you are ready to take the stage and begin putting your face and message out to the world, congratulations  this is a courageous step and you should be very proud of yourself.

Instagram is incredible for building a platform to broadcast your message, the more authentic and real you can be the better, and it will give you an advantage over every other account out there, BE UNIQUELY YOU. Tell your incredible story, even though your life and story may seem boring or basic to you, it could be the inspiration someone else needs to push through a roadblock they are currently facing.

It’s quite simple to acquire a follower but to KEEP THEIR ATTENTION is another task altogether. This will only happen with consistency, consistency with the quantity and quality of your posts and interactions.

Social Media is a long game, just hit singles day in and day out, you’ll have moments where a Home Run may occur but keep solid and consistent technique (like anything) and the results will follow.

What’s The Secret to Social Media Success?


Don’t spend too much time critiquing a post, just launch it! Many of us are hyper critical over every post and we think everyone is going to view our posts under a microscope, this is simply not the case. The More You Post The Better. Chances are your followers won’t even see your posts based on a lot of reasons from timing to competition with more popular accounts, so post A LOT. Some days I post 5 times, some days I post once, but activity and a high number of posts is critical to gaining a large following in the beginning. Once you have reached a certain threshold of organic growth you can slow down but in the beginning go crazy with it!

Prior to doing anything on instagram, make sure your profile is filled out. For inspiration on how it should look and what it should say, find a few accounts that are in your industry that you love and use their bio for inspiration. See Below:



(Secret Tip!) For correct spacing on your bio you will have to use your computer browser and log in to, from there, log in to your account, and edit your bio from there so you can bring down certain words and emojis, spacing is HUGE and makes your account POP 

You’ll eventually want to track the analytics so connect your account to Facebook, this requires you to make a business page but it’s worth it.

Just above the URL on your bio, let your followers know what action they should take AND what they can expect once they take the required action, meaning once they click on your website.

For example: “5 Ways to Transform Your Life, Click Below to receive my FREE E-book.”

If you need to shorten your domain name at any point going forward, use BITLY, sometimes blog post links can get lengthy so BITLY will help keep them brief along with helping you track the clicks 

(If you don’t have a website, go get one at WordPress or SquareSpace and buy your domain name at GoDaddy) If you need help with this, set up a call with me HERE

Before we bring attention to your account we need to have some content. Meaning, you are going to have to post some photos that followers would Enjoy!

For help designing Instagram Posts use CanvaI won’t spend too much time here on WHAT to post, but the accounts that are the authority in your industry that you follow should give you an idea and inspiration on where to begin, don’t over think it!

If you need help with royalty free stock photos check out: NegativeSpace although there are a ton of other competitive sites just like it.

Once you post a photo, you can use Zapier to automate your workflow, meaning it will automatically post the photo on your other accounts Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, saving you a bunch of time. Save these posts though, because you can upload them to a service like MeetEdgar that will automatically repurpose your content for you once you set a schedule, saving you even MORE time, which is the name of the game. AUTOMATION!

Now that your account has a professional photo, a bio with properly formatted words and emojis, a call to action leading them to your website, and some valuable and relatable content, we have to bring attention to your account.

I’m only including free methods below, paid advertising is easy but the reality is most of us don’t have a lot of cash to spend on Instagram Ads

These Steps are in no relevant order, they are completely random

The Good ol’ Follow/Unfollow Game (The Lazy Approach):

Depending on your “MORAL COMPASS” and how much getting followers means to you and your account, this is a method that many accounts use.

Depending on the theme of your account, for example, motivational, real estate, food, fitness, select 3 or 4 accounts that are in your space that you have a similar vibe with.

Go to their most recent post and click the “likes” under the photo, this will bring up active accounts that have engaged with this company’s photo.

Simply follow these accounts, there is a high chance that if they like this account they may also like yours, since the message and theme are similar.

You won’t get high quality follows here, and most of them will unfollow you when you unfollow them, a.k.a. wasting your time, there are apps to notify them of this, but if you are strapped for cash and desperate to have thousands of follows because if will make you feel better about yourself, this is your method!

CAUTION: If you don’t want you account to get flagged I’d suggest only following 50-100 people a day, slowly, if you get too crazy and anxious about getting followers here they can flag your account and even terminate it, so proceed with caution, this method is common but I don’t recommend it.

Liking/Commenting (The Slow and Steady Approach):

Warning, this method actually takes time and effort, so if you are looking for something quick and easy  go to #1, if you are on Instagram for the “right” reasons this is the way to go.

Let’s use my account as an example:

Although my Life and Business Coaching practice is located in San Diego, California, I have clients all over the world that I work with over skype. But, I do meet people face-to-face in San Diego so every day I searchon Instagram through the places category cities in San Diego. For instance I search “Encinitas,” which is the specific city I live in. For you and your brand, you’ll click “Near Current Location.” Once I search this Instagram will show me the top 9 photos in that city based on Engagement, which doesn’t matter to me. I go to the fourth row, which is the most recent photos in that city. Assuming the photo is not crazy or explicit, be careful what photos you like because people can see this, like the photo and make a meaningful/relevant comment.

Wait, you actually want me to engage with people Wes? Yes, yes I do, This is the point of instagram, to find other accounts in your space and engage with them, it’s a community, ENGAGE. Most accounts get little to no LIKES or COMMENTS so seeing in their notifications “TheWesPinkston liked your post” means a lot to them and more often than not they will click your name and check out your gallery.

Like and Comment on 25-50 photos a day, only if the photo is worthy of it, if it’s a basic post just like it and move on, over the course of a month or two you will begin to see some legit organic growth and traffic to the URL in your bio.

If you are a local business like a coffee shop, search hyper local and location based through the places search. If you are a clothing brand and not concerned about being hyper local then search based on Hashtags, like #Fitness, #Yoga, and do the same like/comment actions.

The Hashtag Block

Hashtags on Instagram are incredibly overrated but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. I rarely use a hashtag on the original comment section when I post the photo. I do, on the other hand, have a “Hashtag Block” saved in my note section of my phone that I copy and paste on my photo as a second comment.

For example:


My original comment for the post above was a few emoji’s, which usually expresses what I’m feeling better than some words, and they are more colorful. When in doubt, use an emoji.

Secondly, I went to my note section of my phone, where I saved the following in the following format:

You need to have 5 .’s (see above) then write down 20 hashtags that are relevant to your business. (I chose hashtag topics that best represent who I am and my Life/Business Coaching program). Once you launch your post, copy and paste it as a comment so you’ll still get the Hashtag traction without ruining the aesthetics of your post.

FYI, this will only help you get a few extra followers and likes, since many automated accounts auto-followand auto-like based on certain hashtags they saved. On instagram exposure is key so every follow and like counts 

Adding Your Post To Instagram Stories

After you post a photo to instagram in the traditional sense, the quickest and easiest way to crop it and add it to “Your Story” is by going to your photo gallery on your phone, cropping it and then taking a screen shot of the photo, assuming you have an iphone, it will have the correct dimensions and will fit in the story mode format.

Adding photos to “Your Story” gives your followers a second chance at seeing your post, since most of your followers won’t scroll down too far, the more opportunities they have the better, and you don’t have to compete with all the other accounts for your followers attention.

Don’t annoy your followers on the story photos, if you are too pushy and selling products every day they will MUTE your stories and most likely never UNMUTE it so less is more here.

I’m going to continually add to this blog post, this should get your started, if you need any help with your business marketing and social media be sure to reach out to me and schedule a call HERE or to find more information on my One-on-One Business Coaching Program Click Here

Communication Breakdown

Does it ever feel like you aren’t speaking the same language as anyone else?

Well… you aren’t. So take a deep breath, your senses haven’t let you down.

One of the most important foundational pieces of any relationship/connection is communication.

Well… What IS communication?

As I’ve looked deeper into the waters of communication I was astounded at what I failed to notice all these years even though I participate in language on a daily basis. Now that I realize what communication is mainly comprised of it does not surprise me to see the difficulty we are having with one another and the social issues at large.

Please note, this is a brief over-simplified blog post about communication, I’ve left quite a bit out that I’ll cover in future posts.

Communication comes in many forms, verbal and non verbal, but for this blog post I would like to focus on the verbal and linguistic form.

The mere act of verbal communication is hardly understood. It’s nothing short of magical that I’m able to almost instantaneously retrieve experiences from my memory (content) and unconsciously put them in a syntactical sequence using symbolic metaphors (context) with little effort so that you understand what I mean. Weird huh?

Daily, I make small mouth noises which travel across space vibrationally, these vibrations enter the listener’s ear, almost instantaneously they draw from their cultural dictionary (similar to a google search) apply meaning to the word and agree that we are on the same page of understanding.

This magic happens so fast that we rarely pay attention to it. Even though we are using the same words as one another, the meanings often differ greatly along with the understandings.

One of the main enemies of clear communication is noise. I’m defining noise in this blog post as distractions, background noise, speech impediments, foreign accents AND the most common one is Semantic Noise. Noise seems to always find a way into any channel of communication, no matter how tightly “sealed” and protected.

An example of Semantic Noise would take place after an abstract statement like: “Wes likes fish.”

One listener may interpret (infuse their own meaning into the word) “Wes likes fish” as in he enjoys the taste of fish as a meal. While another listener may interpret the statement as he enjoys watching fish in an aquarium. Two interpretations that are far different from one another yet stem from the same statement.

Another example would be the following “Sarah hurt me.”

One listener may interpret this as Sarah emotionally hurt my feelings while another individual in the group may interpret the statement as she physically hurt me.

Although we use the same english words for the most part, their meanings differ greatly. Most of us understand this when we sit and reflect but often forget about it as we enter our hectic “daily grind” and confusion. The understandings differ greatly because the meanings are created on an individual basis based on that specific person’s experiences. The words themselves don’t mean anything at all, they are just their to differentiate one “thing” from another and aid in the google search of the mind. The word “Dog” has no meaning whatsoever until the meaning is infused into it on an individual neuro- semantic basis from experience. The word “Dog” may make you think of your current dog while someone else upon hearing the word “Dog” may trigger a terrible experience they encountered when a dog chased them when they were young. It’s the same word but infinite meanings are infused into it based on the individual and their own unique experiences.

Have a great week! If you would like to work with me please feel free to contact me at or email me and we can see if my One-on-One Life Coaching Program is right for you.

Getting tangled up in the web of Language

Anyone who has spent considerable time attempting to answer any of the great metaphysical questions of life soon begins to reach a stage of frustration. The answer seems to always extend just out of one’s reach. We either stop asking the question entirely and resume our regular days or try an alternative approach, still coming to the point of frustration although the linguisitc metaphors have been changed.

This type of semantic hide and seek can be maddening for an individual…

“Of which we cannot speak we have to remain silent.”


For whatever reason, we can not remain silent, we keep attempting new ways to approach the answers but with the same tool every time, language.

This tool of dualistic language is precisely the sword we needed to get us to this stage of evolution BUT also prevents us from entering the room of the miraculous experience.

For us Westerner’s habitually using language we experience cognitive dissonance when we come across anything that seems ambiguous.

WE NEED CLEAR INFORMATION – the western mind

What do I do? I need advice! Be clear, What is my calling? Am I on the right path? I have to do something, but what!? Do I do this? Yes or No?

These types of thought processes create infinite paradoxes for the individual and can make people a little mad and frustrated…

The ultimate nature of reality transcends language. How is this so? The very nature of language is to discriminate one thing from the other, the act of discriminating one thing from the other is what allows us to project our meaning into one particular “thing” rather than another. But the meaning is not in the object, it’s in our mind that is projected into the object. A lamp can be seen as irrelevant to one person and a priceless family heirloom to another, although it “appears to be” the same lamp.

Meaning exists no where outside the individual, to have meaning you need an individual to discriminate an object from another, a word from another word, and create the meaning within themselves which is then projected out. We pretend to attach our words to our perceptions. We have been culturally conditioned to think with words.

Linguistics was vital in catalyzing our evolution but there will come a time where it can also hinder us on an individual and collective basis if we do not balance it with the nonverbal experience.

How do we enter into the realm of the nonverbal?

We Are All Greater Artists Than We Realize (Neuro-Relativity)

Who is the Master who makes the grass green?

– Dogen Zenji, 18th Century Zen Master

Dogen would ask all trainees this simple question… “Who is the Master who makes the grass green?”

The answer is as close as our visual cortex…


Let me explain…

Although it may seem difficult to comprehend, we receive somewhere in the neighborhood of a billion signals every minute (this number seems to be growing higher and higher every year, just know it’s A LOT). Most of us have difficulty keeping track of more than three things at a time and there have been studies that show the average person loses their focus ten times a minute. (Hey! Pay Attention!) Let me repeat, you receive over a BILLION signals every minute, to consciously keep track of that many pieces of information would be pure chaos. In order to create order and make sense of the chaotic onslaught of billions of bits of information we use an amazing tool that reads all the other tools of our organism-as-a-whole. This tool is our nervous system, which is processing all the information being sent to us.

Every second of every day your eyes are being sent information, your ears, your skin, your nose etc. Just because the voice in your head may be focused on what you are going to say to the beautiful guy/girl in class, does not mean the rest of your organism isn’t taking care of (processing) everything else, to be honest I wouldn’t want to be in charge of my breathing, bathroom breaks, food digestion, blood circulation, I’d probably forget all too often and then die, so it’s best it’s left to a more reliable companion, this companion, is your nervous system.

You are not made up of a whole bunch of pieces like Frankenstein, going forward, or at least for this blog post, you need to view yourself as one organism, the organism-as-a-whole, not the sum of a bunch of parts, it’s ALL ONE THING. Every evaluation that is being made is an evaluation as a whole, what the voice in your brain thinks it’s controlling is merely a false dichotomy,

For an exercise, tell yourself you know the difference between a movie and real life. The movie is composed of actors, actresses, directors, producers, lights, camera, you get it…. Now go see a scary movie in your local theatre that are so popular. Tell yourself it’s just a movie and “not real” and see if you don’t grab the chair, flinch, get shortness of breath, look away… What your voice in your head thinks it controls is an illusion, your body will still get tense in the theatre even though you tell yourself in your head “It’s just a movie…. it’s just a movie…..”


Our nervous system’s role is to receive, transmit and integrate signals and messages. While your conscious attention is focused on the act of reading these words, your nervous system is taking care of your blood flow, breathing, food digestion, filtering out harmful bacteria etc. The nervous system to this day appears to be a collection of many interlocking systems such as the immunological system, the endocrine system, the neuro-muscular system and so forth. All of these systems are in the process of computation, it’s a synergetic process on many levels and the messages are being sent up to the brain.

Your brain, the amazing bio-computer composed of One-Hundred Billion Neurons, receives the information from your nervous system and constructs a model of the world, which is then projected out. This model of the world, grid, reality tunnel, map, whatever term you’d like to use, is not objective reality, it’s your own personalized model/map that is being projected outwards. Read that last part again. The processing speed of your nervous system is so fast that we don’t notice it, and often never come to the realization that everything we come in contact with is not reality but our interpretation of reality.

The Map is NOT the Territory, meaning the model of the world your brain is creating from the signals it’s receiving from your nervous system, is not objective reality, but completely subjective. Or as Alan Wattsbeautifully stated “The Menu is NOT the Meal.” Everyone is using a different map to orient themselves around the environment, it’s no surprise why we have such difficulty communicating with one another and most of us feel misunderstood.

We are all greater artists than we realize

YOU are the master that makes the grass green, the green is not outside you, it’s in you, your visual cortex registers green from the environment, it does not exist outside “in the grass.”

Now that you know you are creating a model of the world and not viewing it from a completely objective lens, Click Here to read the next post using metaphors to illustrate how your mind works and how these maps we all create are acted out on a daily basis.

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The Thinker & The Prover

“All that we are is the result of all that we have thought. It is founded on thought. It is based on thought.”

-Buddha, The Dhammapada

William James,  the father of American Psychology, once told a story about an encounter with an older lady who believed the Earth rested on the back of a massive Turtle. Entering her model of reality, he kindly asked her, “Well what is holding up that turtle?” She responded quickly, “The Turtle is standing on the back of another turtle.” Before he could ask again she let him know, “It’s no use Dr. James, it’s Turtles allll the way down,”

Now before you label this lady as “delusional,” I think you’ll realize that ALL humans perceive their reality in the same fundamental manner, whether it’s Turtles or some other model of the world.

Dr. Leonard Orr once noted, the human mind behaves as if it were divided into two parts, the Thinker and the Prover.

The Thinker, the more complex of the two parts, can essentially think up anything. For example, depending on the time period, the Thinker can think that the universe is nothing to get excited about (Buddhism) or that the world is flat (Many Athletes seem to has this view these days.) The Thinker can think the cosmos is meaningless (Scientific Reductionists) or depending on the school of philosophy/religion that man is moral/immoral, mortal/immortal, or some combination of the two. The Thinker can also Think himself/herself sick and back to health, which the medical industry is still trying to figure out to this day.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, it just simply shows that our instrument/tool for perceiving the world “outside,” our nervous system, has the ability to construct many types of maps depending on the time, culture, language and leadership for that specific environment.

I won’t go into detail in this blog post about what the Thinker is comprised of, but to provide some structure it appears to this day to be a combination of genetics, early imprinting, subsequent conditioning, and any new types of learning throughout the individual’s life (These are the main categories).

Now comes the fun part, the Prover. Now that you have your model for the world, the “map of the territory” as Alfred Korzybski artistically put it, you set out to Prove your model, to see if it works and makes you feel happy/secure. Whether you Prove this through the DeletionDistortion or Generalization of information (It’s always a combination of the three) you will attempt to Prove it is so.

For example, lets take the fun model of the world that some celebrities are adamant about, the Flat Earth Theory. Once this individual incorporates this belief into their map of the world, they will distort, delete and generalize information to Prove the world is flat. They do this without being conscious of it. On the other side of the model, his/her friends will distort, delete and generalize information to Prove their model, that the Earth is round and “floating” in space. What the Thinker thinks, the Prover Proves. This example seems to me to be the least abrasive, but as some of you connected the dots, any economic, political, religious or philosophical belief can be inserted above 

Many individuals are quick to point out how silly of a belief system others have, but do not realize that they, themselves, have constructed a model on the same basic principles.

Until you become WOKE AF, find enlightenment, satori, whatever your phrase is, which simply means you have been able to become aware of the distinction between your subjective map of the world and the objective territory itself, we will be in a continuous loop of dissatisfaction trying to fit the world into our model that we ourselves have created. If you haven’t noticed yet, this can not be done.

Most of the humans throughout the course of history Thought they had THE CORRECT MAP of the world and set out to Prove it, by whatever means they felt necessary, which sadly, is still going on today and is the source of most of the turmoil.

We can not operate without a model, but don’t forget, you have created the internal model yourself. So take some time to reflect on what your Thinking, and what you set out to Prove each day, or don’t, what do I know, this is just what I Think.

Attention on Attention

Information consumes attention, Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention – Herbert Simon

Before anything of significance can be accomplished with my clients and I, we will need focus, concentration, attention, the will, whatever name you want to call it.

This is THE starting point, before we take any steps down the path of creating the life experiences we would like to enjoy, we will need our undivided attention toward our vision.

Sounds simple right? This shouldn’t surprise anyone…

Most of you are aware that there is a wide spectrum of attention, from simply noticing another individual, to tuning into someone, all the way to compassion and empathy toward another individual and the attempt to understand the world they perceive.

If we have time constraints, we will more than likely just notice different phenomena throughout our day, rather than the more time consuming endeavors of attention like tuning in and compassion. If we never notice the potential depths in these events throughout our day, we never even go down the road of empathy and compassion.

I think we would all agree that attention today is under attack.  This is quite apparent for me these days as I spend time with friends, family and loved ones, everyone is quite distracted with their phones and other devices. Everything seems to be competing for our attention. An obvious example for me is when I go to post something on social media, I find myself at times on a completely random tangent five minutes later, completely off course from my original objective. The incredible tools we use to connect with the global village, for instance our phones and computers, are also in the game of grabbing our attention and seducing us, it’s a double edge sword.

It’s time to reclaim our focused attention and direct it towards our vision. We have to be mindful and turn our attention on our attention. If we notice we are getting off track too often when using our computers or phones, even television, we need to set hard limits for ourselves and stick to them. The lights and sounds literally place you in a trance so be aware of this prior to engaging in the digital theatre with such devises.

Focused attention takes energy, like any action. Each choice we make is either getting us closer or further away from creating the life we see for ourselves. The average individual gets distracted 6-10 times a minute, which is staggering. Holding our attention is difficult, it’s energy draining, that’s why we need to consciously engage and then disengage to replenish our energy reserves.

I highly recommend to each of my clients they disengage from work or a particular project every 60-90 minutes. After the 60-90 minute mark mistakes happen much more often and we begin to lose our natural flow state. View your day as a collection of short sprints rather than a long linear marathon. After the 60-90 minute sprint that is free from distractions, my clients have found it helpful to go for a quick walk around the office to regroup and to relax the muscle of attention. This disengaged activity lets the mind gather information creatively without putting the rigid structure on your attention.

The wandering mind allows us the freedom to make connections between remote elements in a new and novel way. Once we begin to see, feel and/or hear these new connections and patterns with the relaxed mind, we will need to call on our focused attention to make it a reality.

Direct your attention on what you are directing your attention to each and every moment. Every day we have the opportunity to take one more step toward or away from our vision. The magic of your day is in your daily routine, what you care about, what you believe deserves your attention. Take an inventory today of the activities and other phenomena you are directing your attention toward. Don’t focus on hitting home runs, just hit singles choice by choice, word by word, thought by thought, and you will notice 24 hours is a long time if we are directing our attention wisely. Are you in control of your attention?

Attention has become a rare commodity, but it’s a very precious commodity and magic occurs when used properly,

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The Power of Questions

As I was driving back to Encinitas (North County San Diego) from Beverly Hills this past weekend, I saw a familiar sign on the freeway, The "55." I quickly processed the information and decided to let my intuition take me down the 55 freeway to my former college Chapman University. Campus was only a few miles from my route so I figured I'd stop by, mainly to visit the football team that I was an integral part of from 2005 through 2008.

 My former Head Coach, Bob Owens (Chapman University, Orange, CA.)

My former Head Coach, Bob Owens (Chapman University, Orange, CA.)

My strong intuition didn't mislead me, I stopped by the coaching offices and connected on a much deeper level with all my former coaches than all the years prior, combined. It was these moments that I've come to cherish more than anything, but why have these deeply connected moments and conversations been happening at an increasing rate...

You can only connect with others as deeply as you have connected with yourself.

 Speaking to my Alma Mater, The Chapman University Football Team

Speaking to my Alma Mater, The Chapman University Football Team

These deep connections have always been there, in every moment, I just didn't have the vision to realize it and bring it out. As I was meditating that night, after speaking to 100 current players, coaches and staff, I came to the realization my perception and role in each conversation had shifted from the one giving the answers and waiting from my turn to speak, to the one deeply interested in them and their life's experiences. I am far more fascinated with interviewing others than talking to others about myself.

What are they seeing, feeling, sensing. What does their daily routine consist of, how do they prioritize their events for the day, what books and mentors completely shifted their perception of life, how exactly did this shift occur? How do you handle transitions, whether it's job or relationships...

If we can forget about our own selfish stance in the discussion, and become enamored by their life experiences, we can coax out golden knowledge nuggets that even they weren't aware of. The power of strategic and timely questions can create profound and unforgettable connections that we all deeply yearn for.

Whether it is an upper class-man who is playing your position in football, or a high level CEO that you'd like to emulate, extracting their process and actions that get the results are just a few conscious questions away. Put the other individual in the spotlight and break down their key pivotal moments and approaches to life, by learning from their experiences we can save ourselves a lot of time, energy and unwarranted stress.

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Greg Jacobsen Testimonial for Life Coach Wes Pinkston

"I met Wes Pinkston on Instagram about a month or so ago, I was looking to add some spiritually minded, consciousness based people to my network. I saw Wes's profile and saw he was a life coach and instantly just had to connect. After our 45-minute consultation I knew that he was definitely somebody that I wanted to work with. He put a lot of my anxieties to rest, a lot of fears that I had by working with a coach. He let me express myself and I felt very comfortable in doing that and then from that point he addressed and outlined the ways that he could assist me in my process. Since I would like to definitely be coaching people at some point along my path in my journey as well. The month I've been working with Wes so far has definitely helped me out with that process exponentially. For me I can get a little out there sometimes and what I really like about working with Wes is that he entertains that space for me and makes me feel very comfortable being myself and then at the same time he'll make sure that we get back on track and stay focused on the task at hand. That process is so valuable for me because without working with somebody like that I can get all over the place. He really helps me ground down, get practical and take a lot of the potential I have and start to make it actual. For that I am eternally grateful working with him so far, he's truly, truly, an amazing mentor. Bob Proctor had a quote that I think really sums of Wes very well, a mentor is somebody that sees your talents and abilities maybe even better than you and helps bring them out of you. Working with Wes so far, that describes him to a "T" without a doubt. We're working right now on taking a lot of the potential that I have and making that actual through particular tasks each time that we work together and talk. For example, building out a website, creating content, without his kind of knowledge and expertise in these areas I probably would still be spinning my wheels right now. It is still a process, particularly for me, because I do tend to overthink, over-analyze, and make it more complicated than it is. But again Wes, bless his heart, he is so patient with me and at the same time very persistent. He'll work with me with where I'm at and at the same time he'll make sure we keep our eyes on the prize and get back on track. He's definitely one of the more balanced individuals that think I've ever met and that is something that I truly admire, in amazement about, you don't find too many people like that in the world. Either they can be a little bit high on the hyper masculine side and just so rigid or somewhere on the feminine side extreme where it's just kind of floating around aimlessly without any direction or purpose. I find myself on the feminine side of things at times. Again, working with Wes has been truly, truly a blessing because he's taking me where I'm at and he's assisting me in the process of finding that balance. This guy truly does walk his talk and that is something that I'm looking to incorporate into my own life. Once again I am very grateful that Wes is taking time out of his life, his days and his journey to assist me in that process and I know that once I reach that level, coaching, assisting other people, similar to how he is, the sky's the limit. I am super excited to see what the future holds working with Wes, I really feel as though we can do some great things together. That's what I have to say about Wes, amazing dude, I hope you all decide to work with him and I know it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life."

Greg Jacobsen

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