Encinitas Life Coach Wes Pinkston: Greg Jacobsen testimonial

"I met Wes Pinkston on Instagram about a month or so ago, I was looking to add some spiritually minded, consciousness based people to my network. I saw Wes's profile and saw he was a life coach and instantly just had to connect. After our 45-minute consultation I knew that he was definitely somebody that I wanted to work with. He put a lot of my anxieties to rest, a lot of fears that I had by working with a coach. He let me express myself and I felt very comfortable in doing that and then from that point he addressed and outlined the ways that he could assist me in my process. Since I would like to definitely be coaching people at some point along my path in my journey as well. The month I've been working with Wes so far has definitely helped me out with that process exponentially. For me I can get a little out there sometimes and what I really like about working with Wes is that he entertains that space for me and makes me feel very comfortable being myself and then at the same time he'll make sure that we get back on track and stay focused on the task at hand. That process is so valuable for me because without working with somebody like that I can get all over the place. He really helps me ground down, get practical and take a lot of the potential I have and start to make it actual. For that I am eternally grateful working with him so far, he's truly, truly, an amazing mentor. Bob Proctor had a quote that I think really sums of Wes very well, a mentor is somebody that sees your talents and abilities maybe even better than you and helps bring them out of you. Working with Wes so far, that describes him to a "T" without a doubt. We're working right now on taking a lot of the potential that I have and making that actual through particular tasks each time that we work together and talk. For example, building out a website, creating content, without his kind of knowledge and expertise in these areas I probably would still be spinning my wheels right now. It is still a process, particularly for me, because I do tend to overthink, over-analyze, and make it more complicated than it is. But again Wes, bless his heart, he is so patient with me and at the same time very persistent. He'll work with me with where I'm at and at the same time he'll make sure we keep our eyes on the prize and get back on track. He's definitely one of the more balanced individuals that think I've ever met and that is something that I truly admire, in amazement about, you don't find too many people like that in the world. Either they can be a little bit high on the hyper masculine side and just so rigid or somewhere on the feminine side extreme where it's just kind of floating around aimlessly without any direction or purpose. I find myself on the feminine side of things at times. Again, working with Wes has been truly, truly a blessing because he's taking me where I'm at and he's assisting me in the process of finding that balance. This guy truly does walk his talk and that is something that I'm looking to incorporate into my own life. Once again I am very grateful that Wes is taking time out of his life, his days and his journey to assist me in that process and I know that once I reach that level, coaching, assisting other people, similar to how he is, the sky's the limit. I am super excited to see what the future holds working with Wes, I really feel as though we can do some great things together. That's what I have to say about Wes, amazing dude, I hope you all decide to work with him and I know it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life."

Greg Jacobsen

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