Getting tangled up in the web of Language

Anyone who has spent considerable time attempting to answer any of the great metaphysical questions of life soon begins to reach a stage of frustration. The answer seems to always extend just out of one’s reach. We either stop asking the question entirely and resume our regular days or try an alternative approach, still coming to the point of frustration although the linguisitc metaphors have been changed.

This type of semantic hide and seek can be maddening for an individual…

“Of which we cannot speak we have to remain silent.”


For whatever reason, we can not remain silent, we keep attempting new ways to approach the answers but with the same tool every time, language.

This tool of dualistic language is precisely the sword we needed to get us to this stage of evolution BUT also prevents us from entering the room of the miraculous experience.

For us Westerner’s habitually using language we experience cognitive dissonance when we come across anything that seems ambiguous.

WE NEED CLEAR INFORMATION – the western mind

What do I do? I need advice! Be clear, What is my calling? Am I on the right path? I have to do something, but what!? Do I do this? Yes or No?

These types of thought processes create infinite paradoxes for the individual and can make people a little mad and frustrated…

The ultimate nature of reality transcends language. How is this so? The very nature of language is to discriminate one thing from the other, the act of discriminating one thing from the other is what allows us to project our meaning into one particular “thing” rather than another. But the meaning is not in the object, it’s in our mind that is projected into the object. A lamp can be seen as irrelevant to one person and a priceless family heirloom to another, although it “appears to be” the same lamp.

Meaning exists no where outside the individual, to have meaning you need an individual to discriminate an object from another, a word from another word, and create the meaning within themselves which is then projected out. We pretend to attach our words to our perceptions. We have been culturally conditioned to think with words.

Linguistics was vital in catalyzing our evolution but there will come a time where it can also hinder us on an individual and collective basis if we do not balance it with the nonverbal experience.

How do we enter into the realm of the nonverbal?


Wes Pinkston

Encinitas Life Coach

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