Mastering Your Day

It’s another Monday morning… Exciting huh? How did you spend your weekend? What choices did you make? Are you an individual that enjoys the weekends but merely survives the week days?

A model that may be of use to you is simply viewing your life in single day chunks. Today you will be presented with several opportunities and choices, whether you are conscious of them or not. The choices you make will increase the chances that the same choice will be made tomorrow. If that same choice is made tomorrow then we most likely have a habit that is forming and burying into our daily program like a parasite. SO be veryyyyy careful and conscious about what you are doing, EVERY SECOND of EVERY Day for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE…

Some of my client’s in the beginning mention that being aware of every thought throughout the day is hard work, my response… ABSOLUTELY.

Some of the choices you will be presented with today are your food choices, your reactions in relation to external stimulation, what you do with your free time, the activities you indulge in before bed, the amount of water you drink, coffee you consume, the way you lift up or knock down the one’s around you based on your words and many others…

Do you go to work the same direction every day? Say the same thing to your spouse, eat the same breakfast, listen to the same music on the way to the office, enter the office the same way and say hi to the same people with the same statement. Is the only thing different about this day your outfit, making a selection of a few color combinations that are beginning to be a nuisance. Are you sitting at your desk at this moment thinking there has to be more… you don’t know how you know there is more but you KNOW, but have no idea how to get THERE.

Well you are right, there is more, more than you could even wrap your mind around, but do you have the courage and commitment to see if through. Do you think it’d be easy work to transform your life? This path will take ALL OF YOU at ALL TIMES. This has nothing to do with reading a self-help book for 10-minutes a week and occasionally ordering a salad in between the beers you are consuming.

I’m unable to go into all the details in one post, without the context of your personal situation I can only speak vaguely and leave it up to you to fill in the details.

I’d like to give you an assignment… I’d like you to write down on a word doc or on a piece of paper what you want out of this incredible opportunity and life you’ve been handed, do it now, write down exactly what you want.

Feel free to send it to me if you’d like, send it here:

Most of you won’t do that assignment but oh well, next thing I’d like you to do is to write down all your choices you make today. Consider this self-observation, rather than sleep walking through your day be aware of what you are doing and the choices you are making. Breaking the attachment with the act of doing and observing the do’er and the doing from an awareness outside both. Since most of us are highly habitual you will notice how difficult doing anything novel and different is. To do something new, to break a habitual daily pattern is your will, and unless it is used often like a muscle it will atrophy and be useless over time.

By using your power of observation and will you can master your day. This is all you need to do, master your 24 hours, every decision, ever thought, every action. If you can master your day, and do this day-in and day-out consistently your life will begin to change. You can never go back though to the lazy days though, the soft routine days of sleep walking. If you are to begin, this needs to maintained forever, full focus and concentration. This is why 987 out of 1,000 won’t continue down this path. It’s not a secret path, it’s not occult or esoteric, it’s right here in front of you, in plain day-light. This is the answer to the scratch within you that you can never seem to itch.

More Money? Nope, that won’t scratch it. A Beautiful Girlfriend/Boyfriend? Nope, that won’t scratch it. A New Car? House? Traveling? A Book? Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope.

It’s YOU. Stop delaying your work.

For any change to occur you need to stay with it forever, there is no stopping, there is no destination. Increasing your intelligence is never complete, maintaining your body is never complete, you need to do it every day, FOREVER.


Being 100% responsible for every choice and action you take for the rest of your life. It makes no difference which mind liberation and self transformation school you check in to from the oriental to the occidental, the secret is hard word every day and every second.

Most of us are pulled around by our socially created expectations and animalistic desires all day. We choose food based on pleasure rather than consuming nutritious food because our stomach let’s us know it’s time. We are on our phones aimlessly consuming content without any courage to create our own. We are controlled by our sexual desires and have no idea on how to cool that part of us off. We have surface level conversations and complain about this and that, a fully disempowered day and existence.

Did you think you needed a Teacher? A Guru?

Nope! That’s just another excuse we create so that we don’t have to make a move, so we can stay in the soft and comfortable boring zone. Listen to the way you speak to yourself, is it empowered direction or disempowered retreat talk. Listen! You are in the position you are in because of you, no one else, and it’s up to you to get yourself out. Do not focus on the external environment, that’s utterly pointless. It’s an inner battle you have been putting off, it’s ALL in YOUR MIND.

YOU Are The Guru AND The Student

You have far more power than you realized, we just don’t put it to use. Your power is in your reaction to each situation, your breathing at every moment, the expectations you hold yourself to that YOU created rather than blindly excepted based on your upbringing and culture, your understanding of language, of balancing the masculine and the feminine qualities about you, in every conscious food and water choice, in becoming ALL YOU ARE CAPABLE OF.

You have had the power all along, you just never realized it… your external environment is directing your life rather than you setting your own course.

Are you going to start charting your own course today?

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Have a wonderful week everyone, keep sending me your success stories, I love hearing them.


Wes Pinkston

Encinitas Life Coach

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