One of the most common questions I’m asked is “what is intuition and how does it work?”

This is one of the most difficult and controversial questions for many reasons that I will get into…

It appears to me that intuition is a feeling into things. In a way “it” guides us to answers and seems to leave no trail. In other words, we arrive at an answer without a formal explanation. You have it, but you haven’t the argument for it. Its power seems to reside in its truthfulness more than anything else.

The power of intuition lies in its ability to express truth

We first derive a notion of the essence of intuition in the obscure oriental doctrines of taoism which seems to point towards a direct experience of the nature of things, also known as intuition in the occidental mind.

Being in the Tao, or the flow of nature, seems to be the ability to sense the constraints and opportunities in the moment and act through it.

Often, when the topic of Intuition is brought up it’s main descriptions are commonly expressed as

1) Vague

2) Feminine

3) Unreliable

Yet, a closer look at our lives on a daily basis will illustrate quite the opposite.

We use words like “hunch” which also imply a sort of feeling into things and making a decision, although many of us “believe” we are acting logically, our actions, if studied carefully, show quite the contrary in many situations.

What is the threshold of having enough data to make a decision? There is always a moment when you wrap it up and move forward, there is no rule book for needing this amount of info before making a decision, it’s always a hunch or intuitively arrived at.

Even though there is this bias towards rationalism which has permeated through our culture for the last couple hundred years our experience with reality shows a different experience.

In fact, in the felt domain of immediate experience called “living,” intuition is how most of us, even the most self defined as “non-intuitional” are operating. Intuition is a kind of field processing of both the foreground and the background of experience, it’s a gestalt understanding that is subliminal and that leads the whole organism through an invisible set of doors, towards the maximizing of some sort of a goal.

When we approach the phenomena of intuition with rationalistic and reductionary tools the result is similar to a sieve through water, always exceeding one’s grasp. The correct approach to this shy and delicate magic known as intuition is to understand it with the tools of night logic, known as dream.

Dreams do not follow the forward and linear movement that our nervous system seems to create during the day. In the attempt to understand dream (feminine night logic) with the tools of the rationalistic and masculine tools is to miss the point and remain unsatisfied with the end result. You must change your approach, and meet the magic of intuition where it wants rather than attempting to fit it into a nice and neatly organized rational and reductionistic box. With this approach, we flatten out the most exciting and mysterious aspects of life, and we wonder where all the magic in our life has gone, we’ve neglected it with our logical and rational tools, but not too worry, her presence is always one thought away and she is quite patient…


Wes Pinkston

Encinitas Life Coach

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