Welcome to the 1-on-1 Business Coaching Program of Wes Pinkston

First, we begin with a brief Discovery Session where we ask one another questions and determine if we are a good fit to work together.

If we choose to move forward together, we can begin a coaching program which typically includes a weekly in-person session, a virtual call via Skype, or simply over the telephone. The decision on in-person, Skype or phone is based on the environment you feel most comfortable in. The Skype platform allows us to use the video camera which offers a more intimate, face-to-face session which you can record and refer back to later if you’d like.

Step #1: Schedule your free coaching consultation

If it has not become apparent to you yet, it soon will… The dynamics of Modern-Day Business are under going a Paradigm Shift.

NEVER in the course of human history, as I’m aware of, has the individual had the opportunity for more personal empowerment personally and professionally. Along with this potentiality of empowerment comes greater personal responsibility.

Lets face it… No matter how much we struggle with “it,” feel pressured by “it,” or ignore “it,”… We have attached much of our mental health to money. Until we have a certain standard of consistent income coming in each month, we don’t feel safe and anxiety free.

Let me explain why this is the case:

As civilizations “advance,” a strange phenomenon has also taken place, our connection to the tribe for safety and security and survival has shifted from the pack/group, to money. We rely more heavily on money for survival than relying on one another, this has changed as our civilizations have changed. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, whether you like it or not, does not change the situation.

Until we feel empowered with the right set of current tools, making money consistently can seem nearly impossible.

As I woke up to deeper and more meaningful aspects of our experience that had nothing to do with making money and “business,” I couldn’t help but notice most of the stress, frustrations and anxieties from friends, family and clients came from their difficult relationship with money.

SO… I have decided to put together my own program of One-on-One Business Coaching, to alter the frame through which we view business, money and exchanging it for value.

Relax, just like with most aspects of our lives, we have made the art of making money far more difficult and unenjoyable than it ever needed to be.

I have been well immersed in all facets of the business game, From the inception and sale of companies, to high intensity luxury real estate sales in Beverly Hills, to Digital-Marketing and Social Media Awards. I know what it takes to create a system that will allow you to step away from it from time to time and free up money anxiety.

Regardless if you are a CEO or this is your first attempt at creating a business, this program is for you.

Where do I start Wes?

Step 1: Schedule Your Free Business Coaching Consultation

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During our Free 1-Hour Business Consultation we will cover the following:

  • The Discovery Process

  • Your Vision and Mindset

  • Defining and Locating your Avatar (The Perfect Customer for your product/service)

  • Setting Up Your Social Media Accounts

  • Digital Marketing

  • Lead Follow Up

  • Choosing a CRM…

  • Onboarding Process

  • Organization

  • Systems and Operational Efficiency

  • Setting Up Your Website and Filling it with the Appropriate Content

  • Creating Your Day

  • and MUCH MORE

This may seem like A LOT, IT IS, but we’ll go through it slowly making sure you fully grasp each concept until we move on to the next. I need for you to understand each concept so you can begin to document and delegate the work to others efficiently and effectively.

One of the major differences between a successful and a sputtering business is the documentation of system and processes, which you will become a pro at.

What my 1-on-1 Business Coaching Program Consists of:

  • One 1-Hour Weekly Call with ME, I don’t pass you off on another team member

  • Affordable Month-to-Month Contract

  • DAILY Accountability, I’m a quick call/e-mail away every day if you ever get stuck or need clarity on any task

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Hear from Current and Former Business Coaching Clients:

What my clients are saying:

I first met Wes about 8 months into opening up my Life Coaching business. At that time, I was very new to social media marketing, or business development in general. After just one meeting with Wes I was able to utilize techniques he had taught me to build my social media reputation which led to several consultations very quickly. Not only is Wes a great Business Coach, he is an amazing Life Coach. I leave every meeting with Wes with a paradigm shift having a whole new perspective on life.  Wes has a way of understanding and relating to my ever-expanding consciousness and spiritual journeys which makes me feel validated, understood, and always inspired! With his passion for life and unique interests, Wes is definitely one of a kind =)

Sonya Gomez, M.S.,

Life Coach

San Diego, California

Working with Wes Pinkston was an incredible experience, he effortlessly distilled the vision I had for my coaching practice and made it a reality online. He was with me step-by-step with crystal clear communication and leadership. If you are looking to bring your business online seamlessly while maintaining the unique value you offer, look no further than Wes.

Robert Grasso

Upper School History Department

Assistant Baseball Coach and Leadership Coordinator

La Jolla Country Day School

9490 Genesee Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037