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Hello tech pros interview on motivation

Learn About:

How our compulsive Do, Do, Do culture affects us.

Why very successful people sometimes feel unsatisfied and void.

Where to find the answers to your internal questions.

How to achieve amazing results by having conversations with people.

What our “monkey mind” is and how to put it in check.

You mind is complex and your emotions are deep. So are your colleagues.

How to create meaningful relationships through social media.

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Interview with Award-Winning Transformational life-coach: Wes Pinkston

Former reality TV Star and real estate guru Wes Pinkston speaks with me about his path to becoming an Award-winning transformational life coach. We talk about the definition of success, pursuit of happiness and a lot more in a candid conversation.

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur or have a 9 to 5 job, your career path will constantly evolve and grow. Such is the case for our guest on today’s show: Mr. Wes Pinkston.

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Wes Pinkston: How His Inner Journey Has Informed His Life

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Wes Pinkston ’09 provides comic relief to the real estate industryWhat everyone is thinking about real estate but no one is saying.

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Chapman University Football - Athlete of the Week

It's hard to single out any one of Chapman's senior starting linebackers, but amongst the four, outside linebacker Wes Pinkston has done the most damage behind the opponents' line of scrimmage. The senior is tied for fourth on the team with 26 solo tackles, but nine of those tackles have been for loss of yards and five are quarterback sacks - both lead the team. Pinkston also leads the Chapman defense with four QB hurries, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries - the biggest one coming in the end zone for his first career touchdown against Claremont in the Panthers' 21-7 win last Saturday. In four years, he has recorded 12 1/2 career sacks.


Becoming a social media influencer in a tough industry with Wes Pinkston

We discuss the full gamut of social media, from Twitter and Facebook through to LinkedIn and blogging, including the importance of making every tweet count, the power of human connection when it comes to social networking, and why having a compelling purpose is critical in business today.

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